Among the Gremlins

This turn has been a trying one. After staying up late the night previous to copy out my lines I awoke to sounds of chaos in the tree. An Initiate was inside slaying the Gremlins. Murdering them. Seven were lost in the attack before I was able to speak to the man and convince him to leave.



Cecil and Clove




I wept for them and many would think that I was a fool to do so. Their
poor, small broken bodies. Gremlins that I had come to know to have
personalities and names. Small, private lives that were otherwise too meagre for humans to stop and take notice of. The lower level was quite empty for marcs after, the Gremlins having presumably fled further into the tree’s innards. I did not follow them for want of not causing alarm – I
think a human face will have been the last sight th …

**The remainder of this page was too water damaged to salvage**

Gifts for Gremlins

I spoke with Fredi yesterturn and she posed the rather fantastic question of whether the Gremlins were reformed at the Monuments as we are. I suppose that maybe a question that only the Gods can answer. If not, then why out of all of the sentient, humanoid races, did they choose us? Hm. I had previously wondered if the Gremlins were Godless. They seem more creatures of drive and reason, than to place faith in anything other than themselves as a means to survive.

My Gifts for Gremlins Campaign will come to fruition tomorrow. I have been out shopping and scanning the markets for the final items that I require. I will stock up on food for our picnic closer to the time. After it is done, I have made promise to Draekyn that I will cool my obsession and return to my training (though I plan to visit the tree tribe often when I get chance. I will not forget them).

Winter’s Warming Turn Out

The Gremlins had rather a generous turn out yesterturn, with various junk items donated by myself and Pallas. Heaps of spider silk from Zev. Food from Draekyn. Carefully wrapped parcels from Phynix. Glowing orange shards from Brisingr (I do wonder what they will make of those) and two bulging sacks of knitted socks from Valya. Valya has expressed her wish to me that I was her child, with the number of socks she knitted, I can
only assume that she wants the Gremlins as her grandchildren.

Zev was very well behaved. He didn’t so much as scowl at a Gremlin or fellow human.

I wore my new suit last night. Draekyn says that I shouldn’t let on to the Queen that the Gremlins won out over her…

As I promised, it is time to return to my Enchanter’s studies and training. I am undecided whether to begin hunting in the desert, or in the forest canopy. I will not be hunting the Sea Dwellers.


Galumph! Went the little green Gremlin one turn,

Galumph! Said the little green Gremlin.

Galumph! Went the little green Gremlin one turn,

And the little green Gremlin said galumph!

But we know Gremlins say,


Tra la la la lah!

Tra la la la lah!

We know Gremlins say,


Tra la la la lah!

Tra la la la lah!

They don’t say galumph!


Another quiet turn on that blasted beach. I’ll have to come away for a marc or two today. I’ll go take some more viper skin hats to the Gremlins and see what they make of them. I might have a poke around the guildhalls. See if anyone would care to join me for a spot of tea… Put up the list of rocks and gems that I already have in my possession and request help in locating the last samples that I need.

Maybe I will get to see Drakon’s temple today with Bebhinn.

Springtime – Thinkin’ about Gremlins

I thought about spring cleaning the Hollowed Tree. But the more I think about it, the more I dislike the idea. I think it too much of a large and invase step to take into the Gremlins’home. Maybe in time, when trust has been built, organising the interior of the tree could be on the agenda.

Then I got thinking of picnics, clothes donations, a Gremlin bake-off, old adventurer’s cloaks turned into patchwork quilts for nests, beautification of the Hollowed Tree…

But none of these things are longterm. They will not end the longterm hardships that the Gremlins face. At the meeting with the Queen, Iron Commander Hojo spoke of how the Gremlins hunted and gathered food. We decided that the Gremlins did not seem to be agriculturally inclined.

I intend to start small: A vegetable patch. Before I was an Enchanter, Humanoidologist and scamp, I was the son of farm folk. I know how to grow and tend to the earth. Hopefully I can teach them so that they might become self sufficient.

I just need a small team willing to help, and a patch of land. I will talk to others and see if they have any ideas. I am doubtful that the Queen would deem to allocate me a plot… Maybe we could dig out a patch near the Hollowed Tree? We would have to fence it off and build a scarecrow to keep the Prairie Dogs out.

And then there is the unpleasant task of collecting bos dung for fertiliser.

After that, there is a stream near by. Perhaps they could be taught to fish to subsidise their diet. They would never even have to step foot into town.

A donation of fishing rods and tackle boxes would be needed. They are expensive. I would need to teach myself to fish or find someone who could teach me and the Gremlins both.

Project Gremlin Ground Force

The project be will be holding it’s first meeting in a few turns time. I was heartened when I woke this morning and seen all the names that were signed beneath my notice. I had honestly expected a small turn out. A handful of loonies in a field. But with greater numbers than I could ever have anticipated, it might be that my dream could become a reality in far greater time than I had initially hoped.

I advanced yesterturn and found two, glowing orange crystals. The crystals turned in identical scrolls with repeating spells. But then we can’t have everything…

After than I went to visit with the Gremlins. I like to make sure that they are keeping out of trouble during this particularly tense time… I brought them a gift too, something new to explore. A paper lantern. I explained that they would have to take it outside so that it could fly properly, and shown them where to light it and attach the note. I thought it would be nice for them to have the opportunity to make a wish.

I wonder what they wish for? I am sure that they will make one. I believe that they hope and dream the same as we do. It is what separates the humanoids from the more simple beasts.

I met a woodland nymph yesterturn too. He told me that his name was Krythix. He had eyes like tree moss and smelled like the forest. I wonder if he would teach me and the Gremlins to fish. Or perhaps not. I cannot shake the niggling feeling in the back of my head that I just imagined him…

Blaze the Fire Serpant

Little Althea (I hope it is not derogatory to call her that) brought something rather interesting to my notice this turn: The case of Blaze the Fire Serpant.

The Serpant is apparently a resident of N’rolav Milltown and is somewhat a pet to some of the more seasoned adventurers, despite being hostile to Initiates. People defended the animals behaviour, saying that it disliked younglings in it’s territory. When it attacked more seasoned adventurers, they deducted that they were no longer welcome in it’s lair and ought to respect it’s space.

A Serpant.

Many respected the apparent wishes of a reptilian fire-creature. A creature incapable of speech, language or invention. But would question my right to defend a Gremlin. A sentient, humanoid being whom cares for their young and lives in family units.

But then again, many risked their lives to save the ape Bobo. Despite the many hostile monkeys that attack adventurers for entering the fruit grove…

I thought it was perhaps because Bobo had a name. He had been personified. I attempted to do the same with the Gremlins but failed when they were slaughtered faster than I could name them.

Naming them was presumptuous of me anyway. They likely already have names of their own that they have not divulged to tell me. It is a disrespect to assign them a new name. A human name. A name I tried to give them to keep them safe from the sort, pink-skinned people who would do them harm.

The nymph said he will teach me how to fish. I think he ought to have antlers sprouting from his dark hair.

Project Gremlin Ground Force – First Meeting

Gremlin ground Force’s first meeting had a modest turn out. By modest I mean that only my dearest guild sister Brielle arrived on the marc for the meeting to start. Brielle really is quite quietly brilliant, with her curiosity and zest for life. Hopefully we will build cannons and save Gremlins together.

Draekyn arrived somewhat later, and then Iron Commander Raffe and Althea. So, myself included (and Krythix my fishing instructor), that makes us a team of six. Though, perhaps possibly more when taken into consideration the adventurers who were unable to attend.

I spoke of my plans. To teach agriculture to the Gremlins. To enable them to be self sufficient. In doing so I would prove two integral points:

1) That Gremlins can be taught.

2) That when offered an option other than raiding, they will take it.

I have great dreams for the Gremlins of the Hollowed Tree. I hope, that one turn, they might be the first fully functioning, self-sufficient Gremlin village seen in modern times. They might trade with humans. With their natural flair for engineering, who knows what wonders they may invent if they turn their hands to the world of agriculture.

But little steps. One thing at a time, Biffy… This dream will take years, and years I will give to them.

We discussed a location, and my worry that the Queen would not permit the use of her land for such an endeavour. Surely she won’t care about a small patch in the plains? Then we had the problem of irrigation and keeping the critters out. A junk Golem scarecrow perhaps?

Firstly, we decided that we should fathom what the Gremlins would like to grow best. It is known that they are omnivorous. They eat most anything…

We have decided to send a hamper and record our findings. I have set up a charity basket on a stall in Dundee market. Thinking on it, I already received my first donation yesterturn from Miss Olivia Pratt: An apple. She said that she would like me to use it to plant them a tree. I will certainly honour her wish.

The Gremlin Veggie Hamper

I delivered it yesterturn, Draekyn and I. As meagre as the amount was that I had managed to collect. I noticed him handing them out candy when he thought I wasn’t looking. Gremlins like candy. Well, I found that they are fond of toffee. Pity that we cannot grow it for them.

They ate everything that was given. Including the basket that the vegetables were carried in.

I already knew all of this anyway. Gremlins are omnivorous. More than that even, they’ll eat things that are seemingly inedible. The hamper and donation drive was merely done to buy me time for planning and such.

Next, I will scavenge for tools. I don’t want to wait on anyone else to make them for me. I’m sure there will be some left on the abandoned poultry farm. I hate that forsaken place. I hope that Draekyn will accompany me whole I search.


A Gremlin spoke to me. He didn’t say much, but he spoke.

I had run out of potions so abandoned my training to head back into town and restock. I had some farmer’s smocks in my pack and thought I’d drop them in to the Gremlins – they use excess fabrics for nesting.

A greeted them as I always do, and one snickered. They usually do no engage me at all. So I thought I’d best seize the opportunity and ask; I asked about cannons. After our meeting the turn previous, Synvasti had asked of the rumour that Gremlins had been great mechanics during the Golden Age.

The Gremlin did indeed know what cannons were. He threw up his little arms and proclaimed ‘BOOOM!’

But how did he know? I asked and he shrugged. I asked if they had the schematics and he shrugged. I fed him an apple. Which he devoured, core and all. I wish that I’d brought more food. I usually carry more food, but not this turn. I asked if Gremlins ate other humanoids, like how Trolls and Ogres do. His brown eyes glimmered at the mention of ‘eating’. He shown me his sharp teeth and stuck out his fuzzy tongue. I think it is safe to assume that in the Gremlin’s current, dismal state, they will eat just about anything to survive.

When I asked his name, he pointed to the centre of his forehead and announced ‘Cleb!’ I introduced myself in the same fashion, pointing a finger to my own forehead and introducing myself as ‘Bif’.

Bifrost may have been overly complex for his tongue. He had trouble in the enunciation of Bernard. ‘Ber-nard!’ He had said, separating out the word sounds. I had asked after Bernard the Feisty Gremlin (the Gremlin author of the note in the Hollowed Tree Workshop and who I assume to be the maker of the Junk Golem). Cleb informed me that Bernard was dead. He told me via mime.

It troubles me to hear of Bernard’s death. With the only known sample of Gremlin writing coming from him I can only hope that he was not the last living intelligent Gremlin. I can only hope that he passed on his learning to others before his death. Just how old is Bernard’s note in the workshop? Have Gremlin’s organisational skills gone so entirely that it has been left there for many years? The workshop is still under use by Gremlin engineers, so surely it is not so very old… And Cleb remembered him. Does this mean that Bernard existed within living memory of Cleb?

The differing of their names even could possibly not bode well. It cannot be denied that Cleb is a far more primitive sounding name in comparison to Bernard. Or perhaps the differing in their names only marks Gremlin’s separation from human culture becoming more prominent. Cleb’s language skills seemed lacking, but he mimicked. He copied the saying of my name, gestures and expressions. Maybe this is some proof that Gremlins did indeed learn the common tongue from living closely with humans.

I hope to be able to speak with Cleb again. Next time, I hope visit with Brielle.

I hope that the schematics for a cannon do lie somewhere in the tree. I told Cleb that the humans would trade with him for them. I said that the Gremlins could name their price – for I am sure that the humans would give most anything to have the cannons back.

Heck, I would give anything to have those schematics. They would be a piece of solid proof of Gremlin intelligence. If I had them… I perhaps stand a better chance of saving them. I just hope that Cleb understands just how important it is… If the Gremlins have such knowledge at all.